Version Size Implementation(s) Date
1.0.1 (MD5), Source (MD5) 76KB Java 2013-05-05
1.0.0 (MD5), Source (MD5) 77KB Java 2012-09-02
0.3.3 (MD5), Source (MD5) 1,677KB Java 2012-07-12
0.3.2 (MD5), Source (MD5) 1,677KB Java 2012-06-19
0.3.1 (MD5), Source (MD5) 1,677KB Java 2012-04-30

Due to major bug fixes it is inadvisable to use any version of the library prior to 0.3.1.

Usage of the data structures library is governed by the GNU Lesser General Public License v3.0.

JavaDoc-generated documentation is available for the data structures library.


The data structure library contains several algorithms and data structures that can help solve various kinds of problems such as these:

String Correction
Burkhard-Keller tree
Levenshtein automaton
Substring Matching
Aho-Corasick automaton